We inspect each item carefully to guarantee Quality, Authenticity, and depicted condition.

Each item on our platform is categorized as Brand New, Pristine, Excellent, Very good, good, fair


  • Brand New- These items are often Showcase units and unsold inventory from brick and mortal retailers. The only difference between them and what you would get in a flagship store is that they have been showcased in-store at some point in their life thereby are marked down nominally.


  • Pristine- These items have been excellently handled and usually have been used for a very short period. They show no sign of wear and included all accompanying accessories including dust bag, tags, Box as Brand-new items would.


  • Excellent – Items are visibly unused but may not come with a box, tags, accessories attached.


  • Very good- Items show minor signs of wear such as in case of handbags slightly worn corners, straps, slight color fading. In case of footwear minor wear on soles, insole, light scuffing inside.


  • Good- Items show moderate signs of wear such as in case of handbags moderately worn corners, straps, possible visible color fading. In case of footwear moderate sole/insole wear and edge scuffing.


  • Fair- These are well-used items that come with the widest spectrum. Your chances of finding a gem in this category is the highest as they are listed for a significant markdown but can often be repaired to look as good as pristine. Of course, this is also the riskiest category of all & is well suited for bargain hunters.

The words “moderate”, minor, fair can be subjective to an extent depending on an individual’s perception. Therefore, in addition to this guide, we advise our customers to visually inspect each item through their images before placing an order.