The Fashion Industry is responsible for 7% of the CO2 emissions globally which is more than the aviation and shipping industry combined, let that sink in for a moment. The fast fashion trend growing at a breakneck speed was flagged as one of the greatest threats to planet earth at the historical 2016 Paris climate accord.

Clearly, something drastic needs to be done to arrest such a march to doom and the fashion industry has its work cut out. Many global brands have started going sustainable in the last decade in part driven by activist voices of their customers, and in part driven by their own moral guilt of having contributed to this unsustainable trend.

The Luxury market is uniquely placed to lead this change from the front. Often the customers of this segment come from well-informed backgrounds and are morally conscious of their fashion choices. Moreover, most other fashion trends look up to the luxury market & it’s patrons to define the direction of the broader fashion trend.

Circular Fashion Logo

So what can you can do to drive this change? 3Rs

  • Replace – Switching to fabrics with a low carbon footprint can go a long way in reducing the total footprint of a piece throughout its life. Sourcing leather from sustainably reared hides, recycled metal, and polyester stitching are some of the ways you can try to achieve this.
  • Resell – Most High-end designer pieces are made to last a generation using the very best of materials and impeccable craftsmanship. This is the reason why this segment is especially suited to embrace the circular fashion approach wholeheartedly. Every additional hand your pre-owned pieces passes through, you help decrease their carbon footprint by a massive 22%!

What’s more, monetizing your wardrobe not only helps nature but it lets you fund your next luxury craft without having to break your wallet.

  • Cossue is committed to leading the circular fashion movement by providing you a better experience than you have come to expect walking into a retail outlet. We are truly passionate about this cause & would go to lengths to earn our customer’s trust with our innovative platform, vision, and customer service.
  • Reduce- There is truly a need to curtail the culture of fast fashion. What you wear should be created to last and represent who you are, what you aspire to be. Not just at the Higher end of the spectrum, we believe it is a moral duty of every fashion enthusiast to try their level best to make fashion choices that will further both their aspirations & the interests of the ecosystem.

Steps we take to contribute our bit:

  • We minimize the usage of paper in our marketing campaigns and what little we use is high-quality recycled resin-coated paper.
  • Our packaging is 100% recycled paper and the premium boxes are crafted from farmed wooden chip planks as opposed to wildwood.
  • Our India warehouse and global catchment hubs use green packaging (re-fillable air bubbles, cloth stuffings) for transnational shipments, and we are pushing forward to make this plastic-free by 2022.
  • We constantly look for new ways to green rate our operations all the while pushing the envelope for our customers.