Many brand houses integrate an identifier in their creations that consistently exudes their underlying DNA.  For Miu Miu, it has been their unique craft with matelassé leather. Miu Miu has perfected this design over decades, which combines rich texture and impeccable craftsmanship with each panel of quilted leather brought together seamlessly.


The manner in which each bag with this treatment is made is no small feat: panels of leather are paired with wadding and elastic cloth and then they are quilted to give the multi-dimensional finish. Although approximately 60 percent more leather goes into the making of a matelassé bag it remains light: luxurious.  Its unique artisanal finish is rivaled only by the malleability of the skin that stretches, adapting to any contents.

By now matelassé leather is synonymous with the Miu Miu name and for this Fall/Winter 2020 season, the Miu Belle line of bags features this iconic House style on a festive and fun metal-framed bag. The Miu Miu girl is fashion-forward yet playful and the Miu Belle embodies the exact person who would immediately love this bag.

There’s a touch of modernity to this line but the Belle feels like the old bag friend you have always loved and just caught up with. The bag is feminine and strong, a combination that is hard to get right on a bag but Miu Miu found that balance.

The soft leather pairs ideally with the shiny polished gold metal frame and glossy black clasp. The combination of the supple, pleated leather against the structured frame is no accident, it is a purposeful design element that truly gives the bag a modern yet nostalgic combination.

The Miu Belle possesses every quintessential Miu Miu element. There are three sizes, the larger size features tubular leather handles and a detachable shoulder strap which makes this bag more versatile. The drop on the leather top handles isn’t large enough to allow the bag to fit over my shoulder, but you can carry it by hand or in the crux of your arm. The interior opens quite wide to allow for expansion and inclusion of the items you need for daily wear and there is a small open pocket.

The is still large enough for the biggest Phone and the rest of your essentials. This version offers a removable chain shoulder strap that is reminiscent of nice jewelry or you can carry the bag as a clutch, which as we all know is still having a major moment. The metal frame makes for easy clutch-style carrying. There are a few colorways available and this is a bag that will be the finishing touch on top of any outfit.

Lastly, there is a, which can be worn crossbody or over the shoulder with the removable chain shoulder strap or you can carry it as a tiny coin-like pouch. As much as we love the matelassé motif on the larger bags, on the smaller, it is condensed and highlighted even more drastically, and that’s a good thing. Each bag has the Miu Miu logo in tonal metal leather.

The Miu Belle is that special bag that will work in your wardrobe from outfit to outfit, transforming your look and giving that finishing touch that shows your sense of style is whimsical, fashionable, individual, and shows you know how to have fun. If you’re more casual, the Belle dresses up denim and top ensembles, but the Belle also easily takes an already dressy outfit to the next level by offering a statement closing piece. For the holidays, this is a bag to gift yourself or someone you love who has always been a designer bag aficionado and appreciates quilted leather because after all, Miu Miu creates the best-quilted leather bags in the designer bag world.