Buying luxury online vis a vis in-store offers numerous benefits not just limited to, much wider range of catalogs, rare vintage pieces, great prices, but what about potential pitfalls?

We understand the anxiety that comes with buying luxury online, after all the web and not just the retail market suffers with a deluge of cheap counterfeits & first copies. We understand the questions that pop up in your mind pertaining to the security of your purchase.
So below we walk you through our multilayered approach to authenticity and how we ensure total originality of any order you receive.

[ As a member of the International Luxury Business Association, Paris, it’s our relentless goal to educate Indian consumers and weed out the menace of counterfeits from the Indian markets. Learn how the association contributes to this goal click here.]

Products submitted by Individual Sellers registered on our platform

We treat all products passing through our supply chain as our own for liability purposes thus regardless of the origination, you are always protected under our lifetime authenticity Guarantee.

  • Before any product is consigned by a seller it goes through our preliminary vetting process. Sellers are required to sign a liability agreement in case our authentication process discovers the product to be counterfeit, enacting a credible deterrence.
  •  Preliminary product submissions are initially authenticated using state of the art optical rendering tools to parse through High-resolution images of the product before they get published on our platform. This Tool has maintained an accuracy rate of over 98%.
  • Once the listing is sold, the product is picked up & undergoes a thorough inspection by our In-House expert authenticators. Our 6 brand-specific experts in India and 15 Expert authenticators spread out across our major catchment hubs hold decades of experience with these specific brands.
  • Once the product passes our 10-point checklist, it is processed and shipped to you with a life-time Authenticity guarantee

Cossue owned / Partner boutique sourced:

We go to painful lengths to ensure not a single fake enters our inventory. Our B2B partners share the same values and business ethics when it comes to serving our customers.

If your item is sourced from one of our green channel partner Boutiques or comes from our stock, it has gone through the same stringent authentication process albeit twice.

The cases of a fake slipping through our filters have been rarer than spotting a shooting star and we constantly invest resources to plug any potential gaps.