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Cossue is a High-end luxury platform spearheading the circular fashion movement predominantly in India and the Subcontinent.

India and the region together account for over 7% of the global luxury spending but remain Significantly underserved by major global retailers and brands, we aim to turn that scenario upside down by democratizing the segment & providing unprecedented accessibility to the Indian Luxury consumer.


The company was conceptualized by our co-founders Abhi Y. and Jenna Lukinski as a side-hustle designer handbag styling catalog in Seattle, WA, USA.

Abhi an avid supply chain professional had dedicated his career to creating sustainable global supply chains and Jenna a highly energetic Seattle fashion entrepreneur with a keen eye for all things luxury had already made a name for herself in the sustainable fashion industry.

Just a few years down the line inspired by the huge traction circular luxury had been gaining in the Western markets and taking note of the segmented, massively underserved yet aspirational South-East Asian markets, Abhi decided to spin off a fully-fledged operation focused on serving his home market of India.

Jaipur India


We are now Headquartered out of the city synonymous with Luxury & Grandeur, Jaipur.

As one of the fastest growing platforms in the segment we are revolutionizing the segment by a way of integrating green channels with over 23 global partners and Hundreds of independent sellers and multitude mortar boutiques in addition to our own inventories to bring unparalleled access to the world of designer fashion to you.

As a proud member of the International Luxury Business Association (ILBA), Paris we are also spearheading the group’s efforts in educating Luxury consumers and weeding out fakes and counterfeits from the region.


We work tirelessly to realize our vision of creating a closely-knit Global fashion community that transcends borders and cultures. We aim to create global channels that facilitate seamless movement of fashion labels, realizing the best possible value for all our customers, Buyers/Sellers/affiliates alike.

We also deeply believe the future of High street fashion lies circular. While our customers are more sustainability-conscious than ever and the industry actively transitions to sustainable production processes, circular is where we can make the biggest impact.


Customer Obsession: More than a business philosophy this is a moral adage for us after all we are simply a facilitator of this movement and you are the true driver. We are relentless in our dedication to our customer’s needs and always eager to go above and beyond.

Zero Tolerance to counterfeits:   Buying Luxury should well be a “Luxurious” experience, infused with trust, peace of mind, and lasting relationships.

We here at Cossue take out that unknown from the equation. Over time we have constantly built on our authentication processes, continually adding layers and experts to make sure not a single fake slips through our supply chain. We use a plethora of ways to ensure that and Confidently offer a lifetime guarantee of Authenticity on all our products, knowing well that our processes are robust enough to deliver that promise.

 Transparency:   Our Experience has shown our customers to be well informed and conscious decision-makers thereby we operate under a glass-screen model, entrusting you with every piece of information on our operations, processes, and policies.

Moreover, we promise to carry you along every step right from placing the order to you receiving it and further.

Relationships – “Businesses are built by recurring customers”, any Savvy business would recognize this as a cardinal statement and we know it too, we know it well.

When you complete a purchase with us our engagement does not end there, we will strive to keep you well updated and on the forefront of the fashion world.

74% of our customers return to us for their second purchase within 6 months, we pride ourselves on such retention and aim to take it ever higher.

Leading Luxury’s Transition towards Sustainability
A circular Fashion pioneer